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5 Steps to Your Ideal Weight 

In Weight Lost: 5 Steps to Achieving Your Ideal Weight and Gaining the Life You’ve Always Wanted, you will learn how to achieve and sustain your ideal weight by following a 5 step process. These steps include: 

1. Conducting a self-assessment 

2. Identifying your personal values 

3. Creating your “ideal wellness vision” 

4. Conducting a gap analysis 

5. Creating and launching your weight loss plan 

You will also be provided with the most up to date research-based techniques that have been proven to promote weight loss. This information will allow you to focus on what behavior changes will drive weight loss results and will let you leave all of the other noise and misinformation behind.

The Weight Loss Approach 

Throughout his health coaching career, Dr. Ryan Sherman has helped hundreds of patients and clients reach and maintain their ideal weight, many of which have lost more than 100 lbs. Dr. Sherman enabled his clients’ success by providing them with the tools and structures necessary to create plans that lead to significant and sustainable weight loss. As shown in a study published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, Dr. Sherman’s methods help patients lose, on average, 150% more weight than patients who receive weight loss advice from their physician. 

Katy's Journey 

After helping hundreds of patients and publishing several research articles, Dr. Sherman decided to team up with one of his most accomplished clients, Katy Cabbage, to give people access to these revolutionary weight loss techniques. Katy has used the methods she learned from Dr. Sherman to lose over 140 lbs, and this process has fundamentally transformed her approach to life from living in fear to living a life without boundaries. 

In tandem with learning the Weight Lost approach, as outlined by Dr. Sherman, you will also have the opportunity to follow Katy’s weight loss journey. Katy will reveal how she 

put the Weight Lost strategies to use to transform her life, share her struggles, and her tips for overcoming challenges. After reading this book, you’ll walk away with: 

● An understanding of your current habits and what changes you can make to achieve significant and sustainable weight loss 

● A clear understanding of what behavior changes drive weight loss and what ones you can ignore 

● A weight loss plan that works and fits into your life 

● The ability to adapt your weight loss/maintenance plan to your life situation as it changes 

● The confidence to launch a weight loss plan that will allow you to achieve your ideal weight and transform your life