Weight Lost Resources

Weight Lost Self-Assessment

Completing a self-assessment of your current health habits is the first step in the Weight Lost approach.   This free self-assessment will help you determine what you are already doing well and what habit changes you can make to reach your ideal weight. 

Weight Lost Planning Template

The Weight Lost Planning template provides a structure for creating a successful weight loss plan.  It is best used when paired with the book Weight Lost: 5 Steps to Achieving Your Ideal Weight and Going the Life You've Always Wanted.

9 Tasty Weight Loss Promoting Desserts

Eating dessert is often looked at as a "no-no" when attempting to lose weight. But it doesn't have to be. This guide will provide you with dessert ideas that are delicious and help to promote weight loss. 

Weight Lost High Protein and Fiber Breakfast Recipe Guide

Eating a high protein breakfast has been shown to lead to weight loss. This guide will provide you with several high protein and fiber breakfast recipes that you'll want to enjoy everyday.  

Weight Lost Satiating Meal Design Guide 

Eating filling meals that are low in calories is a key component of weight loss success.  This guide will help you understand how to design satisfying meals in 3 easy steps.